Brand & Marketing FUNdamentals - 1-Day Workshop
Super-charge your business growth by learning one fundamental skill - marketing!
Two Available Dates!
Choose from: Wednesday January 5th & Thursday January 6th
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Who Is This For?
If you’re a business owner, and you’ve ever had a lack of sales, customers or profit, the classroom-based ‘Brand & Marketing FUNdamentals  – Discovery Day’ is for you. During the session, we’ll teach you one vital skill that can solve all of these challenges – marketing.

Why Should You Attend?
Our workshop will help you to understand what smart business owners know – that marketing is essential to business success. For an introductory price of £97 + VAT, we’ll teach you the marketing fundamentals, along with practical tips you can apply to your business instantly!

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business that wants to grow, gain and retain customers and build a strong brand. We’ll teach you all the basics you need to prospect, promote and market your business and achieve a competitive advantage on your competition – whatever the size of your company.

Don’t delay! Book yourself on the ‘Brand & Marketing FUNdamentals  – Discovery Day’ today and gain 50 years of knowledge consolidated into a day of teaching for the bargain price of £97 + VAT.

Where Is It?
The Brand & Marketing FUNdamentals Day is held at Engage Web's training room, in Ellesmere Port
With ample parking, and just off Junction 8 of the M53, Engage Web's office features a fully air-conditioned training room, with capacity for up to 20 attendees in a state-of-the-art training facility.
Engage Web Training Room
Engage Web Training Room
Engage Web Training Room
Who is running the training?

Darren Jamieson

Darren has been in the field of digital marketing since the late '90s, and has worked with brands such as Sony, the NHS, the Environment Agency and as the in-house web designer for GAME back in 2000. He’s been in digital marketing so long, when he started Google wasn’t the largest search engine and the dot com bubble had yet to burst. Working for several agencies around the UK, he has witnessed every Google update, seen every trick to manipulate search rankings come and go, and has formulated search marketing strategies that has seen clients stay with him, and at the top, for over a decade.

After co-founding Engage Web in 2009, the company now handles the digital marketing campaigns for clients ranging from small, local businesses, to global brands across the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States. Engage Web also supplies other digital marketing agencies with content for their clients, having produced over 200,000 blogs.

Hayley Meakes

Hayley is an experienced brand and marketing specialist, mentor, speaker and trainer. She owns a number of businesses including a full-service marketing agency. She has worked on brands as diverse as BP, Tesco, Sony, GSK, Merlin Entertainments, John Lewis and Dogs Trust.
Hayley has over 20-years marketing experience and has won 4 national awards for effective marketing on a small budget. She believes that any business whatever their size can gain a competitive advantage with effective marketing. Hayley’s core skills include brand development, internal and external campaign planning and management, launching health and pharma products into the market and strategic thinking.

She is passionate about helping people move themselves, their brand, business and people forward. Hayley and her team specialise in helping people and businesses of all sizes, that are ethical and are looking to grow and develop.

Thank you for a fabulous seminar! Full of valuable and insightful information which I found really useful. I have PLENTY to be taking back with me and to now implement into our business. Everything was taught so well and not too rushed which was appreciated. Your knowledge and expertise shines through. Thank you for answering all my questions and for your time!

Cath Gould
UShred Document Shredding Services

My head is bursting with information as I leave this seminar. Full of fascinating information that I can go away and implement immediately and providing food for thought which needs more work. Thank you!

Helen Arnold-Rae
Helen Rae Photography

It's given me the basics to go away and start. It's given a direction of our next steps to marketing.

Dewi Roberts
Moving Together

Some great info, some great action points (avatar, CRM, customer touch points). Info overload in a great way, loved the light hearted delivery.

Sauren Ghosh
The Lighthouse Leader

Whilst I had previously studied Marketing in some detail as part of my three and a half year night school education to achieve an MBA from Staffordshire University in 2000, I quickly realised two things:

1.    How much I had forgotten – the ‘use it or lose it’ scenario
2.    How much Marketing has changed in those 21 years since I wore my grey cap & gown with some pride and distinction

Yes – the modern digital age has left me high and dry.

The day was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the two presenters : their humour, passion, commitment, knowledge, acumen, pride, ability and mainly that they simply made it FUN – truly putting the fun in fundamentals. I would happily encourage anyone wishing to be able to understand some basic level of marketing and, especially, digital marketing to make sure they engage with Engage Web.

Well done, Darren and all of the team at your premises.

Paul Murray
Paul Murray Insurance Solutions

A thank you for the wonderful training “Branding and Marketing Fundamentals”.

I am the first to say that this is a grey area for me, hence me attending the day.

What an amazing day. Even prior to the session Engage Web were professional and informative.
…… and then the day itself, this can be summed up in one word – “WOW !!”

But it deserves so much more than this.

Informative, easy to understand and most importantly engaging. To keep an entire room focussed for a full day is a result for any training and you certainly did this.

Hayley & Darren are fantastic presenters and really know their subject.

One secret of good training is to leave your trainees keen to know more , I certainly did and have already booked the 3 day course in February.

My best testimonial would be to encourage anybody who is thinking of investing in training to book with Engage Web – you definitely will not regret it.

Thank you for a fabulous experience.

Denise Durband
Speedwell Roofing & Construction Ltd
With just two dates to choose from, don't miss out!


Do I need to bring anything? 
All you need to bring is something to make notes with and some lunch – although there is a Costa, Subway and WHSmith located nearby.
Is there parking?
Yes, there is free parking available at the visitors’ car park at Rossmore Business Village, as well as on-street parking nearby.
How can I get there if I don’t drive?
Engage Web’s workshop space is located within walking distance of Ellesmere Port and Overpool train stations. The Overpool station is a 25-minute walk away, and the Ellesmere Port station is a 20-minute walk away.

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